Client Testimonials

What our clients are saying about us…

“DRM is a pleasure to work with!”
Tim, Manufacturing Engineer

“It’s always a partnership with DRM!”
Todd, Maintenance

“When you got to have it right, you’d better get DRM!”
Todd, Maintenance

“They build some pretty cool panels!
Sam, Industrial Engineer

“Machines don’t work this long by accident!”
Jimmy, Plant Engineering

“I always feel DRM has my best interest at heart.”
Michael, Chemical Engineer

“I choose DRM for the quality of the work, cost effectiveness, and ability to meet the schedule.”
Eddie, Production Engineer

“DRM is always head and shoulders above the rest!”
Pat, Engineering Support

“Support is unparalleled!”
Sheila, Production Support

“Not only is it right, but it stays right for a long time!”
James, Purchasing

“You guys have impressed our whole staff. We never knew it could be this good working with Integrators! We’ve really enjoyed working with you and we plan to work some more!”
Pat, Engineering

“Their optimism is contagious!”
Eilene, Purchasing

“Guys, I’m impressed! I had no idea you were fluent in all these tasks!”
William, Engineering Support

“I always feel I get more with DRM!”
Phillip, Maintenance

“I know when you tell me it needs to be this way, it does. You guys have never steered us wrong.”
Jason, Maintenance.

“I’ve worked with y’all for a long time. You always make it right for us and I want you to know, your competition doesn’t care as much.”
Matt, Plant Manager.

“Every time I ask our staff who was the most important in getting our plant back running after the flood, and all I hear is DRM, DRM, DRM!”
Jerry, Commodity Manager

“We really like working with you guys. When we meet with the brass and they ask who we want, we always ask for DRM!”
Raymond, Engineering.

“You are a most talented bunch of guys. We feel we have a partnership with you, and you’re always there to make sure the project goes great for everyone. Thanks!”
John, Sales Manager

“You guys did not take advantage of us and we appreciate that. We needed to get up and running in a short time and you made it happen.”
Keith, Plant Manager

“You know, I just really like working with you guys.”
Jim, Plant Engineering

“I sometimes feel we pay a premium for you guys, but, I always feel it was worth it. There’s nothing worse than getting a poor job.”
Randy, Production Manager

“You guys are great! Anytime we call you to just take care of it. I wish everyone was like that!”
Greg, Plant Engineering

“You always have this Can Do attitude. You never shy away, no matter how hard, unless you think it’s just impossible for anyone to accomplish. I like that!”
Edward, Plant Engineering

“I had no idea you guys did all this!”
Keith, Plant Operator

“I need some of that good DRM magic to make this problem go away, for good!”
Terry, Maintenance Manager