Performance based safety solutions change plant personnel attitudes toward safety and productivity. DRM is a leading provider of safety designs and implementation for all facets of automated manufacturing. It’s not enough to make a machine safe, it also must function well, have an ease of operation and above all assure operators they are safe. Performance based techniques last throughout the entire safety life cycle. From an engineer approach to safety and functionality to machine longevity, safety solutions are integral to all modern machinery and work cells. It is a proven fact that the safest factories are the most profitable factories.From programmable safety controllers to complex hard guarding, DRM can develop a solution to keep your processes safe and operational for years to come.

  • Detailed Risk Assessments based in industrial standards
  • FANUC Robotics DCS (Dual Check Safety)
  • Rockwell Automation Safety Machine Builder Program
  • Risk avoidance using best-fit solutions
  • 3D Mechanical design for hard guarding applications
  • Expert knowledge in Safety PLC (Rockwell Automation GuardLogix)
  • ArcFlash Compliance Studies
    • Robotic Fence and Emergency Stop chains (Category 0 or 1)
    • AC Drive and Servo Safe-Off and Safe-At-Speed
    • Perimeter Fencing Guards
    • Latches and “Safe-to-Enter” controls
    • Light Curtains, Area Sensors, Speed Sensors
    • Pull Cables and Emergency Stops

Project Profiles/Application Experience Examples:

  • Seam Weld Cell
    DRM was selected as the integrator for a Seam Weld cell being moved to a new facility. As per NFPA and RIA codes, the machine safeties must be updated when relocated. DRM developed a Risk Assessment based on assumed cell operation. A Safety PLC was used in conjunction with FANUC robots, light curtains, area sensors and “Request-to-Enter” panels.

    Safety logic allowed differing sets of light curtains and area sensors to be muted, blanked or active depending on machine running or loading status. Area sounders insured all operators were pre-warned of the cell starting in Automatic mode.

  • Press Controls Upgrade
    DRM has performed many press control upgrades but one for a metallic lid manufacturer proved to be most challenging. Because of the nature of this press, the complex hard guarding must be used within very close proximity to the hazard area. Using 3D design software along with a Risk Analysis, DRM was able to design the “best-fit” solution. Sensors assured guards remained in place to protect safety integrity.

    Special purpose-built slides were integrated into guards where point-of-use maintenance was required, eliminating the need for removal of awkward, heavy guards. A third-party safety auditing company was enlisted by DRM to perform initial and completion audits. This resulted in a letter assuring our client that their machine was safe and met or exceeded national safety standards.