Our Approach

  • DRM is a team collaborating with clients and vendors
  • Design is modeled in 3D with simulated movements
  • Client meetings including kickoff, design review, site visits, and acceptance testing prior to delivery
  • In-house expertise for all technologies
  • Continually training staff on new products and methodologies
  • Our team members make us outstanding

At DRM, we truly are a team. Not only internal within ourselves, but with our clients and vendors as well. We strongly believe in what we do and are proud of our accomplishments. We promote solutions based on our client’s needs, not only for today, but considering tomorrow as well. Robust, purpose-built solutions which allow for future expandability are value added propositions that allow us to standout.

We believe operators are central to design. The automation should always compliment their efforts, make product quickly, and repeatedly accurate all while keeping them safe and managing the system instead of running it. We believe systems should be mechanically simple and programmable controls strong. This promotes the flexibility and simplicity we demand.

We believe in using the best industry standard materials, equipment and design/build processes. Performance based machinery requires great component coupled with craftsman ship from all our trades. We continually evaluate and expand our partnerships and technical abilities.

We believe in well laid out systems which are simple to operate as being necessary to insure a solution is well received and used for many, many years. We insist on plant personnel coming to our site to review machinery during the design phase so we can make adjustments before delivery and installation. We include “Runtime Assurance” where our programmers stay with the machinery for the first few shifts to fine tune operations.

We believe our team members are the keys to our continued success. We continually invest in equipment, software and training to insure we stay on top of our game. We maintain a very low turnover rate to insure our clients see familiar faces and excellent results.