Process Piping

DRM is unique as an Industrial System’s integrator in that we have highly technical “in-house” installation and fabrication crews.

One such example would be our ability to offer process piping design, fabrication and installation. Stainless steel construction and x-ray proofing are commonplace within this endeavor.

We pride ourselves in providing this expertise as a stand-alone solution or to complement our design and programming capabilities. From Chemical, Food-Grade and Hazardous Location environments, DRM offers a solution to fit your needs.

  • Welders certified in all 4G positions for black pipe and stainless steel
  • X-ray analysis
  • 3D design
  • Instrumentation installation, wiring and programming
  • Pump and skid design and installation

Project Profiles/Application Experience Examples:

  • Chemical Piping Fabrication and Installation
    A producer of mining chemicals contracted DRM to provide the process piping fabrication and installation for a new tank system. DRM worked with the end client to insure all safety, environmental and durability concerns were met. All applicable joints were fabricated and tested at our facility, then transported to the job site to final installation and testing.
  • Ring Line Design and Installation
    A second tier automotive interior supplier came to DRM requiring a hurried installation of a RIM (Reaction Injection Molding) ring line design and installation. The Japanese Tsunami of 2011 caused this OEM to move dashboard molding to a stateside client facility. DRM, expert in RIM equipment, took existing facility equipment and fashioned a ring line to complete this molding effort. Chemical piping, hydraulics, controls updates and diverter stations were all built, shipped and installed to make certain the client was able to support the OEM as desired.