DRM produces a hybrid verification system, “VeriSys”, for building, tracking and shipping of manufactured components or assemblies.

logo-verisysVeriSys enabled systems assists operators in correctly building assemblies, verifying they are built correctly and insure they are properly packed for shipping. All VeriSys systems are built-to-order so they suit individual client needs. We combine build schedules, barcode/RFID tags, vision systems, part marking, and barcode printing to make a simple yet powerful production verification system.

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  • Build components verification
  • Part number recognition
  • Build scheduling
  • Build station monitoring
  • Label printing
  • Packout verification
  • Shipping label printing and verification
  • Bin error proofing

Project Profiles/Application Experience Examples:

  • Radiator Packout
    An automotive Teir 1 supplier in Mexico needed a simple yet powerful system to manage build schedules. They needed an internal IVLS (In Line Vehicle Sequencing) system but did not need a large database and an unmanageable system.

    DRM implemented a VeriSys build sequencing system. A scheduler inputs the parts to be built from drop down menus. Production assembles final products based on schedule. Packout verifies builds and placed in shipping containers as displayed by the system. Barcode scanners insure correct components are used at build stations and scanners verify finished products are properly organized within the shipping containers before a shipper label is printed and then scanned to verify correct print.

  • PrePaint Barcode Tagging
    A vehicle cooling systems manufacturer had tags that would be process painted and become unreadable. They needed to insure like products were shipped together to the correct customer.

    Two VeriSys systems were installed. The first system would use a Cognex vision camera to the read the tag before paint, verify it from an uploaded database, and if matched, print a barcode label with removable covering (removed after paint). Another Verisys was used to read the barcode after paint and insure like product was placed in correct boxes. If all quality gates were met, a final shipping label was printed and scanned for print verification.