Air Movement Systems

DRM provides complete air movement systems by matching the best hardware with controls and installation.  We are often asked to provide advanced air filtration and dust collection systems. We partner with the best component suppliers to provide a complete solution for those with tight process requirements or environmental concerns. We design and fabricate custom ductwork along with installation and commissioning for our systems. Many systems include monitoring and report generation based on operating period or event.

  • Air makeup systems
  • Filtration systems
  • Explosion proof and fire suppression systems
  • Installation including utilities
  • Operator Interface with monitoring for reports and compliance

Project Profiles/Application Experience Examples:

  • Smelter Services Baghouse
    Smelter Services required baghouse monitoring for federal compliance. The existing baghouse drop out system was upgraded to meet standards. A Rockwell PLC system replaced chart recorders to control the amount of air flow, shaker cycling and temperature monitoring. For compliance, periodic reports were required. This system would automatically gather test data and format reports. The system would also continually monitor for compliance as well as performance to allow for highest operating efficiency.
  • Saturn Baghouse Controls
    Saturn, formerly of GM, had several specialized molten aluminum furnaces within powertrain. DRM was awarded several contracts to replace the OEM controls in favor of PLC based systems. These systems would allow for greater operational flexibility by integrating with other machinery and having an advanced operator interface system. GE PLC systems and Moore Industries instrumentation was used to monitor operational efficiency and alert if performance was not at its peak.
  • CO2 Capture Plant
    DRM was awarded a contract to provide a controls solution for a CO2 pilot capture plant. This system would remove up to 90% of the CO2 emissions from a coal fired electrical power plant. DRM worked closely with all contracted parties to provide a system that would withstand Wisconsin lake temperature extremes. DRM terminated all electrical controls on the site tower and provided a controls trailer to house and protect all PAC and SCADA systems.