DRM offers vision solutions for independent machinery, manufacturing cells and robotic applications.

Vision should never be taken lightly. The lighting and lensing are often times the most important aspects of a successful vision application. Integrating a vision system into a PLC or Robot can provide the most direct and cost effective solution available.

DRM Partners with Cognex and FANUC for most all vision applications.

  • Part type distinction
  • Defect detection
  • Orientation
  • Location adjustment
  • Bin picking
  • Robotic position offset adjustment
  • Label verification
  • OCR
  • We also design and build
    • Blackout boxes
    • Custom illumination
    • Custom camera holders

Project Profiles/Application Experience Examples:

  • Can Label 360° View
    A high speed packager needed to verify proper labeling of cans. This included identifying the proper label and proper label positioning on the can. DRM collaborated with the selected camera manufacturer to develop a system with four cameras each gathering 25% of the label. An additional conveyor was added which ran faster than the line to separate the cans for unobstructed pictures. Lighting and lensing were all optimized for this operation. DRM designed and built a custom four camera mount with integral lighting. A pneumatic blow-off was added to automatically remove failing cans.
  • Robotic Part Placement Offset
    A national food producer needed to stack cases of product exiting an assembly line on to an automated pallet system. DRM met the challenge with a FANUC R-1000 palletizing robot. This unit was equipped with a custom vacuum gripper for cases and pneumatic fold-out gripper for pallets. As the production line ran, the robot would stack the pallets with good cases. If a barcode reader failed a case, the robot would place that case on a different conveyor for operator inspection. Once the pallet was completely stacked, the conveyor would open a position for the robot to place a new pallet. Once placed the stacking would continue. This cell was designed to meet and exceed all applicable safety requirements.