System Design

DRM uses modern software and design techniques to determine the most effective layouts for cells, lines and entire facilities. Cooperating with client engineering, we present virtual images and simulations of factories and processes that can be zoomed and rotated for the best possible view.Modern design techniques bring a whole new level of collaboration between clients, contractors and OEMs alike.

  • Best fit scenarios for machining lines and processes
  • Personnel and service equipment egress expectations
  • Mezzanine design
  • Piping and vessel layouts
  • Material flow
  • Utilities and ventilation routing

Project Profiles/Application Experience Examples:

  • Harman/Becker STAT Cell
    DRM developed a 3D scale image of a prototype speaker manufacturing cell. This cell interfaced operators with robots and other assembly machines to form multiple types of finished speakers. All was accomplished by relocating different build tables within the cell.

    This arrangement made the build of nearly all speaker types possible within the smallest absolute footprint. This 3D design became the model for this line and helped fashion every part of the final product.

  • DURA Backlight Assembly Cell
    DRM developed a 3D scale image of a multiple robotic glass handling and injection molding cell. At the center was a twenty foot turntable handling multiple process molds. Operators outside the cell fed in raw glass and accepted finished glass for final inspection packout.

    The 3D models helped define cycle time and methods of operation during discovery phases. Placement of the cell within the plant, and logistics concerns, were eliminated using the 3D model as the design guide. This project could not have been developed and installed as fast without software and planning based on these designs.