Paint System Integration

DRM provides the integration layer between OEM paint systems and manufacturing facilities to deliver a complete paint cell. We compliment the OEM solution by incorporating ventilation, utilities, fire suppression, conveyors and other existing control solutions. We inspect parts, automatically change paint profiles communicate with washers and dryers as well as a host of other pertinent tasks.

  • Liquid electrostatics and powder coat paint integration
  • Bulk paint control and monitoring
  • Fire suppression systems installation
  • Utilities installation including power, ventilation and piping
  • Robotic spraying

Project Profiles/Application Experience Examples:

  • AO Smith Paint System
    AO Smith wanted to upgrade four lines of automated painting equipment. We assisted AO Smith in determining the best fit OEM for the project. Once selected, DRM assisted their engineers in programming this solution to operate with AO Smith’s expectations.

    A ControlLogix processor was used running two specific tasks. One was the painting task developed by Nordson. It controlled two reciprocators housing three rotaries each. The other PLC task was DRM’s that accounted for all the ancillary equipment and processes such as the drive chain motor, barcode readers for recipe change, ventilation supply and return, and interface with an existing parts washer too.

  • Robotic Powder Reinforcement
    Electrolux desired to supplement an existing Nordson Powder Painting system with robotic reinforcement. These robots would pre-apply powder paint to the hard to reach areas that were prone to yield quality concerns. The robots had to track the parts along at varying line speeds and adjust spray paths depending on part type.

    Cognex vision cameras were placed upstream of the existing Nordson powder paint booth to determine part type and positioning. The existing powered conveyor chain brought the parts through the powder system while a DRM designed and built parasitic drive fed chain speed and position into the Rockwell PLC and both FANUC robots. The PLC tracked the parts and pushed real-time information to FANUC’s PaintTool software. A PanelView informed the operators of pertinent operations including missing or incorrect parts. Many Safety upgrades were made to this system during installation.