Material Dispensing

We excel in developing application specific dispensing systems attuned to our client’s needs. We dispense single and two component primers, adhesives, sealants and lubricants in many automotive and consumer product applications. We have a very knowledgeable staff and collaborate with many OEM’s and material suppliers to provide our clients with the most safe, efficient and flexible systems available. Because of our diversity, we can include adjoining systems like humidity chambers, ventilation and conveyors.DRM, experts in material dispensing applications.

  • Spray and bead adhesive application
  • Primer application
  • Under coat application
  • Robotic tooling, pot life and oil baths
  • Metering systems
  • Ventilation systems

Project Profiles/Application Experience Examples:

  • Appliance Applique Adhesion
    A world class appliance manufacturer came to DRM with a need to automatically place decorative overlays on oven drawers. This task is particularly tricky in that each drawer gets a pull handle so the overlay must exactly match the alignment holes.

    DRM design and installed a cell using a FANUC robot that vacuum gripped the drawer face, sprayed adhesive, verified coverage with an integrated vision camera and positively pressed the drawer to the overlay for the required tact time. There were dual shuttles for drawer/overlay assembly allowing for single or multiple operators or redundancy if maintenance was required.

  • Robotic Undercoat Spraying Cell
    A tier two automotive supplier contracted DRM to design and install a robotic spraying system to properly coat chassis components with an undercoat material. An industrial painting robot was selected to spray the undercoating material. The paint itself was so thick standard paint equipment would not work. A low pressure non-atomizing system was fitted to the robot end-of-arm.

    Because the parts varied in length and width, a sensing system was incorporated to insure the complete part but not the chain hooks were painted. The operators interfaced with this system via a color touchscreen outside the painting area.