Industry Expertise

DRM is a multi-faceted system integrator applying our vocations to numerous industrial applications, however we tend to be expert in the following…


Automation Controls

  • We excel in all PLC, HMI, SCADA and Motion controls applications.
  • We are expert with complex robotics applications such as dispensing, palletizing and material handling.
  • We have an industry leading electrical controls panel shop.


  • We have in-house technicians for most all industrial applications.
  • We offer field programming and start-up services.
  • We install OEM equipment, support with site programmers and make final as-built drawings.


Plant Utilities

  • We are electrical contractors in most states and provide electrical power distribution for low and medium voltage systems.
  • We offer ArcFlash studies and compliance installations.
  • We are industrial pipefitters. We design and install fluid and compressed gas piping. We have certified welders and can fit most any pipe.

3D CAD Design

  • We can model factory areas or whole sites to evaluate equipment, egress or piping locations.
  • We design and modify structural platforms for equipment and personnel.
  • We design custom tooling for machinery and robotic applications.


Dispensing Equipment – Especially Adhesives and RIM Equipment

  • We have experts with many years of RIM (Reaction Injection Molding) experience in molding, pouring and systems design.
  • We dispense most all industrial adhesives, lubricants and coatings.
  • We can build a new RIM system from your preference in OEM components or we can revitalize an existing system with modern controls and piping techniques.
  • We design and build all peripheral equipment including trim stations, conveyors, press/clamp interface, safety systems, ring lines, etc.


  • We custom design heating systems based on client needs.
  • We repair and revitalize many outdated systems to modern standards and efficiencies.
  • We install OEM systems and integrate with plant machinery and controls systems.


Air Movement Systems

  • We custom design and build industrial heating and cooling systems.
  • We are licensed general contractors and can install air movement system with OEM or custom controls.
  • We provide remote site monitoring solutions.

Retrofits and Repurposing

  • We revitalize existing machinery to today’s standards in productivity, efficiency and safety.
  • We combine multiple existing standalone machines, with new automation, into one new work cell.
  • You gain substantial cost and time savings by reinvesting in existing machinery.