thumb-technologies-virtual-design Virtual Design

Solid object modeling and virtual simulation software has opened up new realms for automation design and client communication.

thumb-technologies-automation Automation

DRM focuses on making systems as mechanically simple and controls as strong as possible to allow for the greatest flexibility at the lowest cost.

thumb-technologies-process-piping Process Piping

Our in-house installation and fabrication crew allow us to offer process piping design, fabrication and installation.

thumb-technologies-hmi-scada HMI/SCADA

DRM designs some of the most effective HMI and SCADA applications because we realize the operator is only as good as the interface.

 thumb-technologies-motion-control Motion Control

We design and simulate 3D models for PLCs, robotics and more.

thumb-technologies-tech-panel-fabrication Panel Fabrication

We supply our own integration service as well as OEM units for some of America’s top manufacturers and equipment suppliers.

thumb-technologies-plc PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)

We have been a recognized PLC integrator since our inception over twenty years ago.

thumb-technologies-process-machine-integration Process and Machine Integration

We have unique skill sets to upgrade existing or design complete new process solutions using new and/or existing equipment.

thumb-technologies-process-systems Process Systems

Coordinating efforts with engineering firms, site contractors and end clients, we help design and install solutions that fit a wide range of process applications.

thumb-technologies-robotics Robotics

DRM has been a systems integrator focused on robotics for many years.

thumb-technologies-structural-design Structural Design

We offer mezzanine, machine base, robotic base, process skid frame solutions for many industries including food, automotive and chemical.

thumb-technologies-vision Vision

DRM offers vision solutions for independent machinery, manufacturing cells and robotic applications.

thumb-technologies-industrial-networking Industrial Networking

DRM provides many services that assist our clients in developing, maintaining and mastering benefits derived from properly applied industrial networks.