Turnkey Systems

Prominent strengths of DRM include design, fabrication and installation… all within our workforce. Most often we are asked to provide turnkey solutions.

Project management, procurement, labor coordination, delivery, and post-installation service make DRM a valuable asset for any size project.

Most plant engineers don’t have the available resources to tackle a complete project. DRM is uniquely suited to handle those tasks. Our staff comes from manufacturing environments and understands concerns facing any modern manufacturing facility. We prescribe to a partnership approach that keeps the client facility in the loop without being burdened.

  • Assembly Lines
  • Conveying Systems
  • Building Environmental
  • Process Controls
  • Process Humidity and Temperature
  • Packaging Systems
  • Palletizing Cells
  • Equipment Relocation or Re-Application
  • Plant-Wide Data Collection

Project Profiles/Application Experience Examples:

  • Automotive Glass Assembly
    A second tier automotive glass supplier needed an assembly cell built that would allow operators to enter glass sections and parts for mounting as a value add to the OEM. This cell had to fit within a confined area and be accessible as several stations would require regular maintenance.

    DRM designed a Bosch pallet system that would move pallets from station to station. Stations would use robots for part placement or adhesive dispensing; other stations vision inspected or tested, while others were for tact, curing and operator inspection. This cell was developed and tested in our facility then delivered for rapid installation and commissioning.

  • Automotive Seat Foam Bagging
    DRM designed and built a machine to automatically bag a complete set of vehicle seat foams. This machine would accept foams via in-feed conveyor then compress and roll to help breakup any foam crystallization. A servo controlled vacuum bar would pull a perforated bag from a bulk roll and spread over the compression chute. The bag is filled as the foams move through the chute. A heated bar seals the bag and a barcode tag is tamped on the bag containing vehicle model type, date of foam manufacture and other pertinent build data.

    This machine was tested in DRM’s facility and delivered to the client-site. We provided power, compressed air and other utilities. We coordinated with the client IT department to access build data for the bag barcode.