Structural Design

Structural design and fabrication compliments our integration and installation business well.

We have been able to offer mezzanine, machine base, robotic base, process skid frame solutions for many industries including food, automotive and chemical.

  • Professional Engineer stamped designs
  • Certified welder construction
  • Mild steel, aluminum and stainless
  • Built-in catch basins
  • Built-in illumination

Project Profiles/Application Experience Examples:

  • U-222 RIM Line Mezzanine
    An automotive glass supplier needed to house a RIM (Reaction Injection Molding) system above the manufacturing process. This mezzanine needed to be robust enough to hold the overhead RIM equipment along with a chain hoist for six thousand pound molds mounted underneath.

    DRM met the challenge with a mezzanine constructed from 5/8” square tubing and ninety-six pounds per foot I-beams. Because of the RIM system liquid chemicals, an appropriate volume catch basin was built-in to the personal platform. This system was strategically bolted together to allow for ease of transportation and reassembly.

  • Machinery Re-Location
    DRM was contracted to move heavy manufacturing machinery to a different location within a facility. Floor drilling concluded the current concrete pad was too shallow and required reinforcement. DRM excavated the site, placed in the appropriate reinforcement materials and poured the new concrete slab. Once cured and tested, the machine was moved to the final location and appropriately secured to the new slab.